What is IP address ?

Each Host in the network can be identified  uniqly, whih is  called as An IP (Internet Protocol )address .The IP address is maped on the domain name system .
Eg: IP Address of The Go News is   . 

What is IP adress ? education helps | what is internet Protocol |What is an IP
What is IP address 

The DNS is used instead of the IP address since it is difficult to remember numbers ,but the the DNS is any logical address whuich can be easily remembered .  DNS is entered in the address bar of any broweser.

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what is host ?

Every computer in the network is called Host

what is browser ?

The purpose of a web browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari) is to read HTML documents and display them .The first web browser was invented in 1990 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee .It was called WorldWideWeb(no space) and was later named Nexus.

A web Browser ( commonly reffered to as a browser ) is a software application for retriving pre setting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. An information resource is identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier(URI) and may be a web page,image,video or other piece of content . Hyperlinks present in resources enables users easily to nevigate their browsers to related re-sources .A web browser can also be defined as an application software or program designed to enable users to access,retrive and view documents and other resources on the Internet.

A web browser is application that anables a user to display and interact with images,videos,music and other information tipically located on the web pages at website on the world wide web(www) or on the local area network . Some of the web browsers are Internet explorer,Netscape Navigator,Mozilla firefox,etc. IT is an implimentation to note that internet is not www(World Wide Web) and it is only part of the internet .One domain can have more than one IP address. 

What is World Wide Web:

In september 1994,Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web Consortion(W3C) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with support from the Defence Advance Research Project Agency(DARPA) and the Europian Commission . It compromised various companies that were willing to create standards and recommendation to improve the quality of the Web.Berners-Lee made the Web available freely,with no patent and no royality due . The W3C decided that its standards must be based on royality-free technology, so they can be easily adopted by anyone .

By the end of 1994,while the total numbers of websites was still minute compared to present standards,quite a numbers of notable websites were already active ,many of which are the precursors or inspiring examples of today's most popular services.

The World Wide Web("WWW" or simply the "Web" )is a global information medium which users can read write via computers connected to the internet .

Different domains and its IP address:
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S.No Domain name IP Address
1 www.thegonews.com
2 www.facebook.com
3 www.google.com
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